Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the Deaf Murder Casebook has ONLY 50 something kills. That's nothing compared to the Hearing's Gadzillions of Kills.

This is the Deaf Murder Casebook. It is the history of the deaf's murder crimes, all wrapped up in one small tiny book. Considering the entirety of deaf history, and the world population of deaf is 10 Million, having only 50 kills credited to the deaf, in comparision to the Vast Endless Chasm of the hearing's murders, of which is Uncountable, being Gadzillions. The Hearing Murder Casebook, would be an endless encyclopedia, taking up all space in all buildings and libraries of the world, there would be no room for the Hearing Murder Casebook..

this book is proof, that even though it speaks of the sordid sad tales the deaf did, it was very small and minimal in stark contrast to the pathetic staggering massive Gadzillion kills the hearing did!

the Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf Man is Not!

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