Monday, July 26, 2010

Hearing Hitler is Creepy. There is no Deaf Dictator.

Ok Bitches. Now, This Blog is to prove to you that the hearing man is creepy and the deaf man is not. Why lavish unwanted love on a hearing man who will use you as a cum dumpster, only then to shoot you and your kids in the head?
Why not instead, suck off a studly Deaf man, their cocks are tastier. Waste of a blowjob on a hearing man, plus you get killed for it.

See this Creepy Hearing Man, his name is Hitler and he killed by the millions. He killed 700,000 deaf Germans in his Racial Purity plans and millions of Jews. What a Creepy Hearing Man. Hearing men are pathetic Genociders.

The Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf man is Not.

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