Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hearing People Do Scatplay, the Deaf Do Not.

This is what the disgusting hearing do. Nasty. This is proof that the HEARING IS CREEPY. The deaf do NOT do Scatplay. The hearing is creepy, the deaf is not.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hearing Woman drowns her kids, hearing man/woman did not.

This Hearing Woman lost her job and put a hand to her toddler's mouths and suffocated them like a Creepzoid, and then tried to fake an car accident spl;ish splashy into water and drowned them. This is a testament to the stupidty of the Hearing. This is totally pathetic as she can't keep a man around to take care of her and be the sugar daddy. What a imbecile. This is just a series of the billions of evidience of proof, that the Hearing is Creepy, the Deaf is Not.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the Deaf Murder Casebook has ONLY 50 something kills. That's nothing compared to the Hearing's Gadzillions of Kills.

This is the Deaf Murder Casebook. It is the history of the deaf's murder crimes, all wrapped up in one small tiny book. Considering the entirety of deaf history, and the world population of deaf is 10 Million, having only 50 kills credited to the deaf, in comparision to the Vast Endless Chasm of the hearing's murders, of which is Uncountable, being Gadzillions. The Hearing Murder Casebook, would be an endless encyclopedia, taking up all space in all buildings and libraries of the world, there would be no room for the Hearing Murder Casebook..

this book is proof, that even though it speaks of the sordid sad tales the deaf did, it was very small and minimal in stark contrast to the pathetic staggering massive Gadzillion kills the hearing did!

the Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf Man is Not!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hearing Hitler is Creepy. There is no Deaf Dictator.

Ok Bitches. Now, This Blog is to prove to you that the hearing man is creepy and the deaf man is not. Why lavish unwanted love on a hearing man who will use you as a cum dumpster, only then to shoot you and your kids in the head?
Why not instead, suck off a studly Deaf man, their cocks are tastier. Waste of a blowjob on a hearing man, plus you get killed for it.

See this Creepy Hearing Man, his name is Hitler and he killed by the millions. He killed 700,000 deaf Germans in his Racial Purity plans and millions of Jews. What a Creepy Hearing Man. Hearing men are pathetic Genociders.

The Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf man is Not.

This Hearing Man killed his Family, the Deaf Man did Not.

This Pathetic Hearing man kills his kids because he lost his job. He killed his family because he lost his shitty job. How Pathetic. Who Cares about losing a shitty job, go celebrate and smoke a joint and drink some booze. OMG. Fucking Retarded. The Hearing Man is pathetic, in comparision to how Uber-Studly and Sexy the Deaf man is. The Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf Man is Not.

This Hearing Trash Did This Atrocity, The Deaf Man did not.

This Hearing Woman sure married the wrong man. Or was her man on Prozac? She is grieving, holding a candle to mourn her dead sons. Her pathetic husband, a Creepy Hearing Man, Killed her sons and then killed himself, because she was being a bitch and was divorcing him. Boo Fucking Hoo, get over it and find a new bitch, OMG. How Pathetic Hearing Men are. Hearing Men are pathetic serial killers. The Deaf Man is a Uber-Stud Incarnate in comparision to the Creepy Shit Hearing Man. The Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf Man is NOT.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Hearing Man is Creepy, the Deaf Man is Not.

it appears that people don't know the difference between the hearing and deaf.

For example, a hearing man rammed a hot iron up a girl's pussy, burning it, and then cut her head off. The deaf man did not. This is the huge-ass chasm of difference between the hearing and the deaf.

The hearing are genociders, baby killers, child killers, serial killers, nuclear weapon creators, biological weapon creators. A hearing man would place large traces of biological chemicals near a school, thus killing russian children. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man was irritated by a crying baby, and picked it up, rammed it's head on the table to shut it up, thus killing it. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man burned his wife and kids and killed them. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man rapes a little girl in the woods and kills her. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man drowns his kids in the bathtub. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man rams his kids heads through the wall and stuffs them to death with pizza. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man leads the Germans to war and kills millions of Jews and innocent in Genocide. The deaf man did not.
A hearing man rams sharps instruments up a girls ass and kills her. The deaf man did not.

The hearing kills by the Trillion.
Today's present deaf population is 100 million, and in the entirety of deaf history the deaf only have 50 something kills to their credit. That is virtually nothing in comparision to the atrocities commited by the hearing.