Thursday, March 13, 2014


LORAIN -- Deputies say they have proof one woman raped two toddlers at a daycare center. 
The Lorain County Sheriff's Department has arrested 25-year-old Heather Koon for having sex with two infants at ABC KIDZ daycare in Elyria. 
Carlos Johnson, the lawyer for the daycare, tells Channel 3 they are fully cooperating with the sheriff's department in this investigation. 
"We are compiling a list of names and families for the sheriff's office for when Koon worked at the daycare to aid them in their investigation," Johnson added.
"This is a tragic situation and we have reached out to each of the families that have children in the care of ABC KIDZ daycare." 
Deputies found a video of Koon raping the babies on a laptop after they checked up on her boyfriend, James Osborne.  Osborne is a sexual offender and was listed under another address.
Deputies arrested Osborne and then took the laptop.  
Koon is charged with two counts of rape. 
The case is ongoing and under investigation. 
Andrea Lankey whose 2-year-old son used to be under Koon's care wasted no time taking him to the doctor upon hearing the allegations.
"I have to meet with a child advocate on Monday so they can evaluate him and see if there's anymore red flags," explained Lankey in an exclusive interview with Ch.3's A.J. Ross.
She says for the last several months there have been several red flags she did not give much notice to until now.
"He (her son) doesn't like his diaper being changed, he doesn't like being touched, and then when I used to drop him off there he used to scream so bad that he would be like hyperventilating.  Then this comes along and it was kind of like whoa like something might actually have been going on this whole time."
Lankey plans to file a police report Monday and worries more children may have been abused.
"I'm pretty sure it's probably more than two children she probably just got caught with the two cause there was only two on video."


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